Chasing the Chaffinch

by Russ on March 7, 2015

The male Chaffinch is one of the gardens most stunning birds.The Chaffinch is a true sign of the spring season. This month, the males of this beautiful garden bird start to join the dawn chorus in brilliant song.

Along with the Blue Tit, the Chaffinch is one of the garden’s most stunning birds. The male has a light salmon-pink chest, cheeks and back, black wings with a white band and a blue head and neck.

The male ChaffinchThe female must adopt much duller colours for camouflage, as if she was as showy as the male, she would be easily spotted whilst sitting on her nest.

The call of the Chaffinch is a flowing string of notes, falling from a high to low, going up at the end. This is repeated over and over again as the male demonstrates his power and ownership of his territory. Whilst this is one of the most common songs you can hear from the chaffinch, you can also keep your ears peeled for the ‘Pink Pink’ calls as the birds call to each other.

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