Cheeping Chicks and Fluttering Butterflies – Happy Easter 2013!

by Russ on March 30, 2013

Easter signals the arrival of many new lives, including thousands of young chickens.Happy Easter everyone! It’s that time of year again when spring is just around the corner (hopefully), lambs are playing in the fields and chicks are pipping their way out of their eggs.

This spring has so far been one of the coldest in living memory, which most certainly will have affected our wildlife. For creatures emerging from hibernation, the sudden freeze could be deadly for them. Don’t forget to put out a saucer of mealworms for your local hedgehogs to make sure they don’t go hungry!


Peacock butterflies are among many species that struggled in 2012.

Results from last year’s butterfly surveys show that it was a terrible year for them too. The mild, damp summer meant the struggled to find food and shelter during the downpours. Many species have been in decline for years, but these most recent figures show that some species are now on the edge of extinction.

Providing them with shelter and food are brilliant ways to help. The buddleia plant is an excellent source of nectar for the adults and to encourage breeding, have one small patch of garden that’s completely wild, especially with different types of grasses. Many of our most recognised butterflies rely on nettles for their caterpillars to eat, such as the peacock and red admiral.

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