Open Farms – Hands on Wildlife Experiences

Barn Owls have long been associated with farms, but what other British species live in the fields and barns of our countryside?In the last few decades, British farms have been opening their doors and inviting in the public.

But farms are also very important for British conservation, something that we are also very passionate about.

Nature Talks and Walks offers farm nature tours right across the North West.

We can help with school groups and during busy holiday periods to help give you customers a wider choice of activities.

Our services include:

  • Farm nature walks, looking for classic farmland species
  • Wildlife talks to schools and members of the public
  • How do farms help the conservation of British species

Farms are essential for our everyday food, but it's also very important for British wildlife.After our tours they’ll be able to go home with a new found passion for everything nature, and they’ll have done it at your farm.

By spreading the word about the importance of farm nature, we’ll be able to directly contribute to the farmers and conservationists of tomorrow.

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We hope to hear from you soon and remember, stay on the wild side!

Pictures by John Barlow.