What is Britain’s Smallest Bird?

by Russ on March 29, 2014

The Goldcrest blends into the background well and loves thick evergreen cover.

Of the many spring garden birds, one of the most fascinating is the Goldcrest. Along with its relative the Firecrest, this species is the smallest bird in the British Isles!

Even smaller than the wren, a goldcrest weighs roughly the same as a 5 pence coin!

Because of this it can be tricky to spot. The first time I saw it, I thought it was a falling leaf!

The Goldcrest is an insectivore, feeding on small invertebrates in finds hiding between the pine needles.It’s back is mossy green for camouflage and on it’s head it sports a single golden stripe.

The chances are you will also have seen a Goldcrest at some point, as it is a year-round resident, found right across the UK.

The easiest way to locate the Goldcrest is by using our ears. The birds call is a gentle trail of notes that sounds like it’s singing ‘figaro, figaro, figaro‘ over and over, increasing in volume throughout.

A common garden bird, Goldcrests love to hide in dense conifer trees for protection. They feed on small invertebrates hiding inside pine cones.

By providing them with their favourite hiding place like a tall evergreen tree, you too can stand a chance of hosting Britain’s Smallest Bird in your own garden!

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