What is a group of Frogs called?

by Russ on May 9, 2015

Frogs can be found in all sorts of colours ranging from dark greens, to yellowy greens.At this time of year many gardeners may be discovering some hoping friends in the undergrowth as frogs move between the land and the watery homes.

They have of course been laying their eggs – frogspawn – in any source of water they can find. Anything from a garden pond to a tire track in the mud will do.

During the breeding season when frogs are easy to spot, they can form huge groups. This is probably the reason that a group of frogs is called either:

  • A Colony
  • or an Army

The ‘Army’ will soon leave the waters to return to land in search of food, whilst their offspring will remain in the waters until their are ready to join their parents.

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