Adult Education – Nature Talks

Barn swallows are a common sight in British summertime, but these birds hold some surprising skills and abilities.Education and learning about new things never stops.

Right throughout our lives the passion to discover drives us to do new things and explore foreign lands.

But at Nature Talks and Walks we believe there is still plenty to be discovered in the UK.

We offer nature talks and walks to adult education organisations that can cover any natural subject of your choice.

We use photography, natural artifacts and video footage in our talks and rely on our senses during our walks.

Whether it’s a talk on rare British birds or what lives at the bottom of your garden, we’ll be able to design the perfect talk for you.

Eagle owls can now be found in the UK, but how many owl species are there in the UK?Our further learning talks include:

  • Informal talks that can cover any natural subject
  • Audience participation and questions encouraged throughout
  • Learning through sight, sound, touch and smell

The best part is that your members will leave the talk with a greater knowledge of the natural world and will be able to use that information in every day life.

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We hope to hear from you soon and remember, stay on the wild side!