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Creating your own bird feeders and feeders can help in conservation and recycling! Birds such as the willow tit will be very grateful for a winter snack.British countryside has long been loved and admired by local communities and organisations.

One of the best examples of this are the many community groups, who strive to learn about and conserve local nature.

Nature Talks and Walks can offer your group a perfect new experience that will engage both experienced and novice nature lovers.

We offer events on wildlife identification and local conservation, as well as being able to design talks on any natural subject.

At Nature talks and Walks we offer:

  • Nature talks on any natural subject
  • Learrning through sight, sound and touch
  • Wild items, images and sounds used
  • Learn how your community group can aid in local conservation

There are many fantastic creatures right outside our windows. Seven spotted ladybirds like this are one of 26 species to be found in Britain!We can bring natural items to our talks as well as concentrating on the senses to learn new things about the natural world.

Each talk is dedicated to sharing knowledge so that afterwards, each member can start to appreciate more wildlife than ever before.

Everybody can connect with nature, and being able to share that world is our greatest ambition.

Through our talks your members will go home with new appreciation for what wildlife shares our countryside with us, how important it is to local communities and how we can help to save it.

Wildlife is under ever increasing pressures and through further education, we stand the best chance of conserving it for generations to come.

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