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With so many specimens, Museums hold huge potential for public interaction and learning.Museums and information centres are a brilliant source of knowledge for people of all ages.

Whether it’s a talk for a group or assistance on an extra busy day, we’ll be able to design brand new wildlife activities that are both educational and interactive.

Our sessions are very flexible and are designed to fit in with your resources and routine.

With a wide range of knowledge in natural history, we’ll be able to create greater diversity at one of your events.

Nature Talks and Walks can assist in:

  • Design and deliver events on a wide range of natural subject
  • Take your guest on tours of the surrounding natural areas
  • Help deliver your experiences on busy days

Exotic birds, such as this Hornbill, can be used to help inspire people of all ages to learn about the natural world around them.

Some of our earliest memories of wildlife in the 21st century can be when we first saw exotic animals in our local museum.

This makes them crucial to future generations.

This is something Nature Talks and Walks is committed to helping prolong into the future.

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