Holiday Activities – Nature Tours

The melody of the blackbird is a hallmark of British summer time.At Nature Talks and Walks, we offer relaxed and enjoyable walks to all sorts of different holiday organisations.

Our holiday activities offer your guests the chance to see wildlife right where they’re staying or out in the British countryside.

We currently lead nature walks for hotels and B’n’Bs in the North West.

We also work with HF Holidays around the UK looking at birdlife, wild flowers and everything in between.

Our holiday activities include:

  • Relaxed and informational nature talks and walks
  • The chance to see amazing wildlife 
  • Increased diversity in the activities you offer your guests

Small flowers such as Herb Roberts used to be used in medicine and can often be overlooked.

Our outdoor activities are great fun for all the family.

The kids will enjoy being in the great outdoors that they know and love whilst finding out all about the animals and plants around them.

Adults can enjoy a nice peaceful walk around the area with lots of local knowledge on the wildlife and countryside.

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We hope to hear from you soon and remember, stay on the wild side!