Retirement Homes – Wildlife Talks and Activities

Many birds will visit your home by putting a bit of food out, such as this Collared Dove.In retirement and care homes it’s important to offer as much diversity in activities and events as possible

Our wildlife events are catered for your residents and cover all sorts of natural topics.

The emphasis of these events is relaxation, enjoyment and increased well-being, with participants encouraged to share their stories of wildlife.

Our talks include:

  • Interactive activities with items and natural sounds
  • Face to face events, working at the individual’s interests and abilities
  • Focus on a relaxed experience aiming to raise the well-being off all residents

Using bright images helps to stimulate the mind and sense. Butterflies, such as this swallowtail, are a perfect subject.Subjects are usually based on the seasons but participants are encouraged to talk about anything to do with nature they like.

We use our items and sounds to help in recollection through touch, sound and even smell.

Whether it’s because your residents have been reminded of childhood memories or that their confidence has been boosted, their well-being rises.

That is at the heart of our residential wildlife talks and effects the staff, the residents and all their visitors.

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We hope to hear from you soon and remember, stay on the wild side!

Bird photography by John Barlow.