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A lot of British nature can be easy to miss if you don't know what you're looking for.The North West has a fantastic range of wild habitats to explore.

Even when you’re in the midst of the countryside it can be very easy to overlook some truly remarkable wildlife.

Our walks will help you discover the huge diversity of wild species that lie around each corner.

Your group will also learn identification tips that you can take straight home with you for use in your back garden.

Our walking walks offer:

  • Identification tips that can be used at home or out and about
  • Ecology of the local area
  • Help in national surveys that contribute to conservation
  • Increases the diversity of walks for your group

Some creepy crawlies can be easily seen but not recognised on walks. This Elephant Hawk Moth caterpillar can appear be aggressive when provoked.

Through our walks, you’ll be able to appreciate an area in a whole different light.

You’ll be able to see and hear creatures you couldn’t before.

It will also increase the diversity in your walks which can help please your members as well as attracting new ones.

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We hope to hear from you soon and remember, stay on the wild side!