Why do Hedgehogs come out in the day?

by Russ on April 11, 2015

Daytime hedgehogs are often suffering.If you go down to the bottom of the garden after dark, you may hear some very strange noises! Loud and low grunting and shoving coming from the bushes. Is it a dog? Is it a pig? Nope, it’s actually most likely a pair of hedgehogs!

From April to August the hedgehogs enter their breeding season so are very active in the evenings.

A single hedgehog has up to 5,000 spines!Sometimes though, hedgehogs can be seen during the day. This is never a good sign as it means the animal is feeling unwell either due to illness, hunger or simple exhaustion.

To determine exactly what the cause is, it’s best to take the animal to your nearest animal centre or vets.

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