What was Herb Roberts used for?

by Russ on March 28, 2015

Herb Roberts is a common woodland flower with fern-like leaves.With each day getting slightly warmer, we can now start rooting through the undergrowth for new woodland flowers.

The crocuses and snowdrops may still be around, but these winter flowers will soon disappear and the colourful plants of spring are going to start their annual battle for space, pollinators and sunlight.

Some plants have already put their first flowers out. One of the hardiest small plants in the woodland is Herb Roberts.

This little survivor has leaves that look very similar to the fronds of ferns and can often be found with red stems. Herb Roberts is adapted to survive in tough places with few roots to grow into the ground. It can therefore grow with the smallest amounts of soil.

In the past Herb Roberts has been used to aid various medical problems including toothache, healing wounds and even nosebleeds!

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