Can Hoverflies Sting?

by Russ on August 23, 2014

The Marmalade Hoverfly is one of the most common to be spotted in the garden.Hoverflies are often mistaken for bees and wasps, and in many cases this is very much the point.

These flies are often covered in yellow and black stripes, which from a distance makes them look like a dangerous wasp ready to sting.

In reality, the hoverfly has no sting and is completely harmless to humans. Their stripes are a form of protection.

By looking like wasps, they trick predators in not coming near them! It’s a strategy that has resulted in the evolution of over a dozen British hoverflies, with varying degrees of blacks, oranges and yellows.

For telling wasps and hoverflies apart, concentrate on the eyes and you will see the hoverfly has much bigger eyes. They also differ in the way they fly.

Hoverflies also have an amazing hovering ability one which puts most helicopters to shame! See how many different species you can count in your back garden!

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