How to go Fish Watching

by Russ on August 2, 2014

Perch are one of the most common fsh to spot on a sunny day.Fish are one group of animals that often get overlooked on a summer walk, but there are plenty of different species to spot and you don’t need a rod or net either!

On hot, sunny days, sunlight pierces through the water of streams and canals, making the bottom become very clear.

These are the best opportunities to look for fish. Check shadowed patches under bridges and trees where smaller fish will hiding from predators.

Out in open water medium sized fish will clump together in larger shoals whereas bigger species will swim lazily through deeper water.

One of the most common species to spot in British waters is the Perch – a medium sized fish with orange fins and three black stripes running down the body.

Larger carp can be spotted drifting through deeper water, along with roach – silver fish with orange fins.

Pike can grow to 2 meters long, but young ones like this fish can be spotted at under a foot long.If you’re patient and lucky, you may also spot you pike. Long and thin bodies, the young lie motionless in the shallows.

To protect them from herons, they have a camouflaged pattern covering their bodies, not dissimilar to giraffes!

With so many species, why not have a wonder to you local waterway, you never know what you might find!

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