How to See a Kingfisher

by Russ on November 8, 2014

Kingfishers are small fish eating birds that like by rivers.If you’re heading down to you nearest stream or brook this week, you are in with a chance to catch a glimpse of one of Britain’s most stunning birds.

Living along the banks of the water is the Kingfisher. This small bird has iridescent blue on it’s back and wings, vivid orange on it’s chest and a long sharp beak for fishing.

Most people who see the kingfisher only see a blue flash as it darts past them down the stream. But there are ways to catch a clearer view.

As you are walking along the water’s edge, look out for small holes in the muddy banks. These holes could well be kingfisher nests.

Both male and female kingfisher has the same stunning plumage.Also, keep an eye out for dead or bare branches that hang over the water, as these make perfect fishing posts. Once you’ve seen these ‘kingfisher-indicators’, listen out for the kingfisher call.

A quick, high-pitched ‘Chip’ ‘Chip-peeer’ ‘Chip-peeer’ is a clear sign that a kingfisher is nearby.

Calling kingfishers can mean they are about to take flight so by getting yourself prepared, you may be able to watch them darting by.

Note the direction they fly, any perches they use and return to the site regularly. Eventually, you can learn the bird’s habits and possibly witness the brilliant fishing skills of this beautiful bird first hand!

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