National Nest Box Week and Valentine’s Day 2013

by Russ on February 14, 2013

Seeing baby blue tits emerging in late spring is extremely satisfying.Love is in the air. The birds are tweeting (not on twitter!), the insects are buzzing and the trees are budding because today is Valentines Day. But it’s not just Valentines Day today, for it is also the start of National Nest Box Week!

National Nest Box week is a full week dedicated to spreading the word about how anyone and everyone can get involved in conservation by putting up a bird box in their local area. Organised by the British Trust for Ornithology, it’s the perfect chance to help start a feathery family in your garden. You can buy and even build your own bird box!

Metal entrances to bird boxes prevents predators such as woodpeckers from entering the nest.There are lots of ways you can get involved. The obvious way is to put up your own bird box. There are many different designs for different birds. The classic box is used mainly by blue tits and great tits, who naturally nest in the hollows of trees. Another thing you can do is provide nesting material. Attaching soft materials to tree branches can provide a great bedding. This can include moss, old leaves and animal fur – including human hair!

See how many different types of nest material are in this Blue Tit box…

As a reward for your efforts you’ll get to share the spring with brand new bird families. Nature Talks and Walks always recommends placing nest boxes somewhere sheltered from direct sun, wind and rain. Also make sure it is also out of the reach of neighborhood cats.

Video by Victoriaonline, Youtube.

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