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by Russ on September 25, 2012

On Monday I appeared as a guest on the John Gillmore Show. As it was a new experience for me I’d like to thank Gilly for a very warm welcome to the world of radio. We talked about various subjects, from the affect weather has on wildlife to the importance of teaching nature in schools. You can still catch the show by listening here, we come on the show around 20 minutes left. You can find out more about John and his show at his blog.

Russ and 'Gilly' at BBC Radio Lancashire.

In other news we’re very excited today about the National Trust’s Natural Childhood Summit today which is designed to formulate large scale plans to tackle the Natural Deficit and find ways of re-introducing the younger generation to the wonderful world of wildlife. You can follow the event as it develops today by following the Outdoor Nature Twitter Account.

Later today I’ll also be taking part in the Lancashire Schools Sustainability Forum in Accrington. It’s a busy day ahead, but extremely exciting!

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