What do Red Squirrels eat?

by Russ on September 13, 2014

Ear tufts are one way of separating Red Squirrels from Grey Squirrels.The Red Squirrel is Britain’s native species of squirrel. They are famous for being pushed out of much of England by the invasive Grey Squirrel.

Before the arrival of the Greys, Red Squirrels were found right across our island and will have fed on many different kinds of nut, including the acorn.

Squirrels are busy burying food in Autumn, in preparation for cold winters.But with the arrival of the grey, they were forced away from this food source.

They now tend to survive in pine plantations and feed on pine cone seeds. Although the Grey also feeds on pine cones, they seem to prefer nuts of deciduous trees.

This difference in feeding habits could mean that in the future, the two could survive side by side by specialising on two different habitats.

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bek November 11, 2014 at 1:18 pm

we saw one red squirrel on Angelsey , North Wales we were driving towards Beaumaris and one popped over the wall near trees and shrubbery. a quick glance. wish I had the camera handy.


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