Nursery Fun and Games – Animals and Science

Join our young animals as they explore the wild for the first time. Ollie the Owl isn't used to early mornings!Learning about the world around us starts at a very early age.

At Nature Talks and Walks we deliver fun and interactive animal workshops for nursery groups.

Using the senses to explore the world around us, we’ll lead you class on your very own wildlife safari!

Many of the animals and plants we see in our gardens become characters in ‘story-time’ style adventures during our workshops.

With plenty of props and sounds, children are encouraged to guess what noise animals make, what colours they are and how an animal would act.

Our nursery events offer:

  • Fun filled activities to introduce the World of Animals and Plants
  • Natural items, sounds and sights
  • Confidence building for all participants
  • Early Maths, English and Science are incorporated into games
  • Full CRB checks and risk assessments for each event

The hedgehog baby is looking for a playmate, will he find someone else like him?Through games and play-time, we teach essential skills for future learning, and have a lot of fun in the process.

By booking a Nature Talks and Walks nursery experience, you’ll be ensuring your children have a fun-filled day discovering new and exciting animals.

Crucially, they’ll take what they learn home with them, as many species we’ll spot can be seen on their own doorstep.

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We hope to hear from you soon and remember, stay on the wild side!