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Education in an outdoors environment has many advantages both to well being and education so the more ways you can encourage children to get outdoors the better. Along with our school talks, here’s just few example of some fantastic services and products that we recommend so that your school can make the most of your outdoor space.

TG Escapes – Eco Classrooms for your playground

Website: Eco Classrooms

Email: [email protected]

TG Escape's classroom provide a fantastic learning area that helps to connect children with the natural World around them.

The Learning Escape designs innovative modular eco-classrooms and buildings that encourage environmental citizenship, outdoor learning and educational play, and help re-connect students with nature. We design and build exactly what you need, be it an eco-classroom, staff room, school hall or library. We talk to your staff and pupils to find out their ideas and needs, then create a stunning and sustainable building that fits into your space and budget. Our educational specialist team has years of experience and will design a stimulating environment that can be used for learning alongside recreational and social activities.

An outdoor school library.

Increased contact with nature improves the way children learn, both formally and informally. Outdoor learning gives them direct experience of the subject, making it more interesting and enhancing their understanding. Our Eco classrooms with large windows allowing plenty of natural light help schools all over the country to get a closer view of nature. However, in some situations we have found that schools don’t need a fully functioning classroom but they do need a shelter or canopy to help them in their outdoor learning pursuits.

Designed to inspire and help educate about the great outdoors.Whatever the need The Learning Escape will work with you to provide a shelter designed especially for your requirements. Themed for learning and play, you can enable children to enjoy and achieve in a different environment outside the classroom. Eco friendly construction with materials from a sustainable source gives you the perfect setting towards increasing their opportunities, for exciting learning experiences, that will allow them to explore all areas of the curriculum in a natural setting, and help you to make the most of your playground, whatever the weather.

The Mobil Garden – Moveable Garden for indoors and outdoors the classroom

Website: The Mobile Garden

Email: [email protected]

The mobile garden is a brilliant way of encouraging children to get hands-on with planting, whatever the weather.The Mobile Garden is a creative, versatile solution to the problems of any gardener who has become less able, through age or infirmity, to enjoy their favoured pastime. Suitable for users in the home, schools, hospital therapy units, care homes, or residential homes The Mobile Garden can provide the independence, therapy, learning and enjoyment that the satisfaction of being a gardener brings.

Raindrops – Outdoor Clothing from Scandinavia

Website: Raindrop Clothing

Email: [email protected]

Don't let rainy weather put you off heading outdoors, be prepared with Raindrops!Our children’s waterproof clothing for schools and nurseries comes from Scandinavia. Our tried and tested rainsuits, dungarees, trousers, jackets and accessories are robust enough to cope with children at play yet soft to the touch for maximum comfort. Children love to play outdoors whatever the weather. To help make that happen Raindrops provide you with the very best outdoor children’s clothing to protect your child against the elements. Our practical, hard-wearing, expertly made kids’ outdoor clothing is designed to perform – keeping your children warm, dry and comfortable on rainy, frosty, snowy and just downright horrible days. We work with companies who share our values and are committed to manufacturing products in an environmentally sensitive way and, wherever possible, to using natural materials.

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