Lower Key Stage 2: Year 4 – Wildlife Keys and Classification

With over 60,000 species in Britain, how do you start sorting them into groups?British wildlife offers a huge resource to primary education.

In this school session, we’re going to be looking at a wide variety of creatures within each group (mammal, bird, insect) and seeing how by looking at certain features, they can be classified into categories.

In ‘Wildlife Keys and Classification’ we’ll cover:

  • Observing features from different wild species that are the same
  • How wild plants and animals can be grouped together
  • Using and creating Keys to identify wildlife

Our school nature walks run for approximately one hour and can take place within the school grounds or further a field in surrounding countryside.

Based in Bolton, we travel to primary schools right across the North West. For details on our other Key Stage 2 walks, null


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Take care and remember, stay on the wild side!

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