Lower Key Stage 2: Year 4 – Food Chains

Predators at the top of the food chain rely on every creature in the ecosystem to survive.The relationship between producer, predator and prey is often a complex and amazing one.

The strength and maintenance of a food chain can make or break the delicate balance of our countryside, with each species playing an important role.

This is what we’ll be looking at in this school session.

In ‘Food Chains’ we’ll cover:

  • The role of producers, prey and predators using examples from the North West
  • Look at the different teeth used by herbivores, carnivores and omnivores
  • Various examples of food chains, both exotic and in the British countryside

Our school nature walks run for approximately one hour and can take place within the school grounds or further a field in surrounding countryside.

Based in Bolton, we travel to primary schools right across the North West. For details on our other Key Stage 2 walks, click here.

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