Lower Key Stage 2: Year 3 – The Structure of Plants

The Bluebell is on of many plants that grow from bulbs, but what purpose does the bulb serve the plant?With Lower Key Stage 2, our plant sessions are stepped up a notch.

We go into more detail about exactly what each part of the plant does and go looking for real-life examples in British plants.

In ‘The Structure of Plants?’ we’ll cover:

  • Functions of each part of the plant
  • Observe what plants need to survive
  • Look at how wild plants cope when something they need is limited
  • The process of pollination – how does a flower become a seed

Our school nature walks run for approximately one hour and can take place within the school grounds or further a field in surrounding countryside.

Based in Bolton, we travel to primary schools right across the North West. For details on our other Key Stage 2 walks, null.

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