Lower Key Stage 2: Year 4 – Sounds of Nature

Birdsong is one of the most recognisable of nature's sounds, but what message is hidden amongst the notes?Sound is incredibly important to animals.

Our woodland, meadows and waterways are full of a huge plethora of songs, calls, squeaks and squawks.

These noises can instil wonder, beauty and even fear in our psyche weather your out in the wilds or in the school playground. Why is this the case?

In ‘Sounds of Nature’ we’ll cover:

  • What common garden sounds can we hear day to day
  • Why do animals use sound
  • Differences between types of noise and their meaning

Our school nature walks run for approximately one hour and can take place within the school grounds or further a field in surrounding countryside.

Based in Bolton, we travel to primary schools right across the North West. For details on our other Key Stage 2 walks, click here.

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Take care and remember, stay on the wild side!