Upper Key Stage 2: Year 5 – Life Cycles

Frogspawn in the school pond is a great way to observe natural life cycles, but what stage comes next?We are lucky in Britain that there are so many different types of plant and animal.

Each group has a completely different strategy for reproduction.

In this school session, we’ll head out into the wild looking at these different methods, from the live births of mammals to the jelly-like eggs of amphibians.

In ‘Life Cycles’ we’ll cover:

  • The different life cycles of the major animal and plant groups (mammals, insects, reptiles etc)
  • Hands-on examples of these life-cycles
  • What differences do these life cycles show
  • What are the benefits of each method and is any one tactic better than the rest?

Our school nature walks run for approximately one hour and can take place within the school grounds or further a field in surrounding countryside.

Based in Bolton, we travel to primary schools right across the North West. For details on our other Key Stage 2 walks, click here.

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