How to Spot a Seal

by Russ on November 6, 2015

Grey Seals can be seen cruising through the waters on calm days.If you are out walking along Lancashire’s coastal paths in autumn, keep an eye out for seals bobbing up and down in the surf. These enchanting creatures can appear to look like a floating buoy from a distance as they calmly check out their surroundings, so be sure to bring your binoculars.

There are two species of seal that can be found in UK waters – the grey and the common seal. Ironically, it is far more likely to see a grey seal than a common seal, whos numbers have declined dramatically over the past few years.

Grey Seals are inquisitive animals and will keep an eye on you from the water.As we are in the West of the UK, we are most likely to see grey seals in our waters. One of the main differences between grey and common is the size of the nose. Whereas common seals tend to have smaller noses, grey seals have much larger ‘roman noses’.

At this time of year, male grey seals become particularly vocal as they protect their territory and the females within it. As well as the snarling and hissing from the males, you can also hear the almost mournful sounding calls of the females as they communicate with their young.

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