Educational Workshops

With plenty of pictures, items and sounds, student's senses come alive with Nature Talks and Walks wildlife talks.At Nature Talks and Walks, we provide educational sessions that help the next generation learn all about the British Wildlife that surrounds us.

Through a huge array of different topics, we help your teachers to back up the eco-knowledge your students have gained during school lessons.

It doesn’t matter how much or how little space your school has, there are always things to do that will help attract wildlife to your school grounds.

Our primary school sessions include:

  • Learning about British Wildlife that can be found at school and at home
  • Learning how you can attract wildlife into your school grounds
  • Hands-on experiences 
  • All sessions directly link to the national curriculum

Learn all about British conservation at your school. Hard work has saved the otter in British and now you can help too.All sessions are taught, whenever possible, in an outdoors environment.

For a full list of the workshops we offer visit the various Key Stage Pages:

Our talks assist teachers by planning everything for the sessions, including risk assessments, lesson plans and CRB checks.

Learn how you can attract rare birds, such as this Pied Flycathcer, into your school grounds.

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Take care and remember, stay on the wild side!