Wildlife Walks

Getting into the Great Outdoors on a Wildlife Walk with Nature Talks and Walks

At Nature Talks and Walks we believe one of the best ways to experience wildlife is simply to get out into the North West’s fantastic countryside or even in our towns and cities.

But if you’re unsure about what you’re looking for, this can become a daunting prospect. This where our wildlife walks can help.

We work with school groups and organisations across Merseyside, Lancashire and Greater Manchester, leading groups around local green areas and exploring all aspects of the species found there.

Our walks are fun, interactive and educational and by increasing your knowledge of your local biodiversity, you can help affect its conservation.

Grab your binoculars for a wildlife walk with Nature Talks and Walks!For more detailed information about what we offer different organisations, choose one of the following options:

No matter what time of the year or where you are, there are always amazing animals, plants and fungi to discover. Join us and discover what’s living on your doorstep!

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We hope to hear from you soon and remember, stay on the wild side!