The Wildlife of St Helens – What’s on this August?

by Russ on July 27, 2013

Schools out!… Well if it isn’t yet it soon will be! Not too long to go until the summer holidays. There are lots of things to do with wildlife for all the family and if you  live in St Helens or nearby you’re in luck. Nature Talks and Walks has teamed up with Helena Green Base to put on a range of wildlife activity days for kids that encourage  the next generation to venture outside, discover a whole new World of nature and get creative by making and designing new items to help our native plants and animals. Here’s a full list of our events:

St Helena Green Base

Whether you’re local to St Helens or not, all are welcomed to join in our afternoon nature activities. Over the next month we’ll be hosting eight events that will get your kids into the outdoors, learning about mammals, birds, conservation and having lots of fun in the process.

Cunning as a FoxAugust 8th Cunning as a Fox – The Mammals of Saint Helens

Want to know how to find your local foxes? Wondering whether you have a night-time hedgehog visiting your neighbourhood? Come along to the Green Base to learn what mammals you might be able to find in Saint Helens and how to track them!

LightbulbAugust 9th Bright Sparks – How to power a town

Energy is very important, but with more of us needing gas, electricity and water we need to think of new ways to found the energy we need. Can you come up with the next big idea for the sustainable household? Get you thinking caps on and get ready to be creative!

Cheeky ChaffinchAugust 12th Birds of a feather in Saint Helens

Ever wondered what it’s like to sing like a bird? Or collected feathers and wondered what bird they came from? On the 12th of April we’ll be going through some of the birds that you can spot in the area, making some bird call instruments and creating something to help our feathered friends through the winter.

August 14th Nature’s Apprentice

Join the Green Base where we look for Nature’s Apprentice. Through fun and hands-on tasks, you’ll be tested on your creativity and ingenuity in taking everyday rubbish and recycling it into items that wildlife can benefit from and artwork for the home! At the end of it one of you will be hired as the Nature Apprentice.

Colt's FootsAugust 16th St Helens in colour – Urban Wild Flowers

Why are flowers so brightly coloured and what are they for? Come down to the greenbase and discover the fantastic world of flowers, what their purpose is and even plant your own seeds to take home with you!

Frogs are common in towns if you know where to look.August 19th Wildlife in our Homes

Wildlife sometimes comes to us before we go looking for it. Giant house spiders, slimy slugs and bats love sharing our world. In this event we talk about what animals you can entice to share our homes and go on the hunt for who might live at the greenbase.

August 22nd Cute Snails and Creepy Spiders – Discover the insects of St Helens

Swallowtail From crawling ants to scurrying spiders, vicious beetles to beautiful butterflies we are lucky enough in the North West to have it all!

Join us on the 22nd to find out more about these bugs, which bugs are living in the local bug hotel and how you can find our which creepy crawlies are in your area!

August 28th Water, Water Everywhere!

Water, water everywhere

Water is essential to life. Luckily we have quite a bit of it in the North-West, but we always need more and as a result of global warming, we need to start thinking now about how to save our water! Find out how different animals and plants cope in both watery and dry environments and how we can recycle water to help wildlife and cut down on the amount we use.

For more information on any of the above events, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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