What are small Frogs called?

by Russ on August 3, 2013

Mini frogs can be seen hoping in open spaces trying to soak up some of the sun's heat.Walking along forest paths in early August you might have to watch where you are stepping, as they are currently covered in tiny frogs! Look closely at the ground and you’ll see dozens of baby frogs and toads that have only recently left the safety of their birth pool and lost their tails!

Froglets and toadlets, as they are known, seem to flock to the open spaces of the path and shy away from shady forest areas. It could be that these amphibians are trying to warm up in the afternoon sun before continuing their search for food. Since they hatched they have been completely independent of their parents so by this stage they are ready to take on the whole world!

Greedy Magpies!

Magpies eat all sorts of different kinds of food which is one reason they are so successful.

This week Emma Ruiz Enriquez wrote in about some very cheeky garden neighbours

‘Hi Russ,

I have magpies in my garden and I also have cats. Is it normal for magpies to eat cat food? The seem to have found the “perfect” free-ready-to-go meal, but I’m not sure if that’s good for them. What do you think?

Thank you so much!


Thank you very much for writing in Emma. Magpies will indeed take pet food given the chance. They have a very varied diet and are some of the first to take advantage of a new food source. As long as the cats and magpies get along, there’s no reason to worry about the affects on the magpies.

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