What is Giant Hogweed?

by Russ on July 17, 2015

Giant Hogweed is usually found by rivers and canals
Each flowerhead can produce up to 50,000 seeds.Over the past few years, one plant has been slowly spreading to live alongside us and although it is arguably one of the most dangerous plant we could encounter, we often don’t even consider it a threat.

Giant Hogweed is a deadly member of the carrot family that can cause burns, blindness and land you in hospital.

Earlier this week we joined BBC Radio 5 Live to talk about the dangers of this impressive plant.

If you get any sap on your skin (even by just brushing past) it can cause severe irritation and burns.If you find this plant growing in your garden you can kill it with weed killer, but you should cover up as much as possible, work at dusk, dawn or out of the sun and wear full face protection.

Alternatively, contact your local council for advice. If you should come into open contact with the plant, wash the affected area with soap and water and cover the area from sunlight for 48 hours. If you feel any pain, or notice any kind of rash, contact your local GP.

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Justin Bonnet July 23, 2015 at 7:41 pm

Oh! I’m sure there’s some Giant Hogweed around Perivale 😀 in the Horsenden Hill area. Not as scary as a Triffid, at least 🙂


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