What noise do Rabbits make?

by Russ on March 16, 2016

Rabbits have to have good communication to avoid predators.When they are tucked up in a warm, comfy hutch, it’s hard to imagine a rabbit could wish for anything else. But out in the countryside, their cousins live very different lives.

Wild rabbits tend to prefer wide open areas. However, this means they can be spotted by predators, so communication is key, but how do they do it?

Although rabbits can be seen during the day, most of their activity actually takes place at night, when the cover of darkness helps to hide them from predators.

Large ears help the rabbit hear enemies.To help detect their predators initially; rabbits have large eyes on each side of their heads giving them great field of vision. They also have their trademark ears. Long ears with independent muscles can be perfectly adjusted to finding the exact location of any suspicious noise.

Otherwise, rabbits are generally silent, however they can communicate with other members of the warren through scent marks and by thumping their large back feet on the ground to signal danger.

When relaxed, rabbits will happily munch on grasses, but in harsh winters will also feeds on the buds and bark of nearby trees. This can provide an excellent treat for domestic rabbits too, with Birch bark being a firm favourite.

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