When do Flowers Bloom in the UK?

by Russ on June 28, 2014

The Common Scabious is about the size of a 50 pence piece and is a true marvel to behold.Nothing can be better to walking through a species rich meadow on a sunny weekend afternoon.

In the UK, flowers can be found right through the year, but the biggest burst of colour comes in June, when hundreds of different species can be found.

At a first glance, you will normally be able to see one main species of flower, such as the Oxeye Daisy, dominating the field. Keep coming back to this field through the year and you will see different species take it in turn to flower.

This changes the field from bright yellow of buttercups to whites of the daisies.

The Marsh Thistle is a tall plant with multiple purple flowers at the peak.Look under this top layer though and there is a whole range of smaller beauties to be found. Long purple vetch flowers are a common sight, along with the purples of thistles and blues of speedwells and scabious.

This June we led our first Wildflower Holiday for HF Holidays in the Peak District and found an incredible 137 species in just three days! Why not see how many you can find in your area.

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