Where do Swallows Migrate to?

by Russ on August 29, 2015

This week, William Balfour emailed in with a question about his local swallow.

Three young swallows in the nest.“Hello, my name is William and I live in France (central). We have a lot of swallows that have nests in our barns , I have watched a late brood of three of them from eggs to air. The flock has left, but the three are still here (pictured), they fly out every day but still return to the nest each night

Will they eventually fly off or are they doomed? Is there anything I can do to help them ? (if needed) Thank you.”

Thankfully, the swallows that are left will most likely continue to roost in your barn until they are ready to migrate.

Swallows being fed on the nest.Each year our barn swallows leave our shores to migrate all the way to South Africa in the Southern Hemisphere. To do this the need a large amount of energy, so setting off to early could prove disastrous for young chicks.

If they find enough food though they should become confident to leave our shores and, if everything goes well, you can expect to see them again in the spring.

Many thanks for getting in touch William.

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Anne Jackson September 3, 2015 at 10:01 am

I managed to count between 32 and 40 something beautiful swallows
nesting in my garden this year. I feel so honoured and privileged that
they come back and have their babies here every year. I am so sad when
they leave and sad that many of them do not make it. I miss them so


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