Where does Moss grow?

by Russ on April 6, 2016

Moss grows in damp, dark areas.In the middle of the woods, growing on many of the trees and stones is one of the oldest and most unchanged group of plants on the planet. Surviving in the damp areas that other plants can’t get a foothold, moss will be able not just to survive but positively thrive.

In some ways, mosses could be considered to be ‘primitive’ plants, as they have no stem, no root system and no flowers for reproduction. However, another way of looking at it is that mosses are extremely advanced. They’ve found a way of surviving that does not require a stem, roots or even flowers.

There are currently 763 species of moss in the UK.By living in damp conditions, moss can harness the power of water to reproduce. Incredibly, mosses actually have mobile sperm, just like animals, that can swim through water from the male moss to the female moss.

The seed heads that then develop offer a multitude of shape, size and colour.

Far from being a prehistoric plant, moss is one of the true survivors that we don’t yet fully understand!

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