Why do Spiders come inside?

by Russ on September 14, 2013

Several species, such as Zygiella x-notata will make their way into greenhouses and sheds at this time of year.Many people associate Autumn with falling leaves that have turned red, orange and yellow. Less sunlight and colder days herald the approach of the changing season, but there are other suggestions that Summer is about to end. Across the country there are ghostly and beautiful structures appearing between blades of grass, in the trees and even between fence posts. The intricate and complex Spider’s Web can be seen everywhere at this time of year, thanks to water droplets that cling to the silk.

Spiders make webs at other times of the year, but they seem to be appearing everywhere at the moment. This is because it is currently the breeding season for the eight-legged arachnids. It is the large females who make many of these Autumn webs, sit directly in the middle and wait for a wandering male to find her. The males are on the move in Autumn, searching for a mate and sometimes they can get a little lost.

Early morning due on the Spider's Web is one of the best ways to find out how many spiders are on your local patch!Many of the spiders that come into our house in Autumn are the males who are looking for a mate. They can also be attracted by the warmth of our buildings, as any female spider living within a human house has already found a great place to overwinter and lay her eggs next year.


Have a closer look at the humble garden spider and you'll see amazing patterns and even tiny spikes in the legs!

If you don’t like spiders and would rather not share your house with them, take a cup or glass and place it over the spider your want to remove. Carefully slide a piece of paper under the glass. Carry the spider outside and let him go at the bottom of the garden. Here he has the best chance of finding his dream girl, but I cannot promise he won’t come back – keep that glass ready!

Farewell Swallows

Swallows and their relatives will soon be migrating away from our shores, so that any opportunities you get to enjoy the amazing acrobatics of their fantastic birds!As the summer ends, our Swallows are preparing themselves for the long journey back to Africa. Before they return Francis has written in about the passion he has for his local Swallows.

‘I see the swallow, as a beautiful small, fast bird…They have nested in my shed for the last two years. But for some reason they have not nested in the Out House this year. Whatever the reason, I treat them as my friends.’

Thanks for writing in Francis, swallows are amazing to watch as they go hunting. Here in the North-West there are still some around so if you see them, why not stop for a moment to watch their antics as they will soon leave our shores for the winter holidays!

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