World Forestry Day 2013!

by Russ on March 21, 2013

World Forestry Day celebrates the science and importance of forestry.Today is World Forestry Day, set up to celebrate and help protect the world’s forests and those that look after them. Forests are a vital cog in the machine that is our plant and we rely heavily on them for resources such as oxygen. They are also the homes of millions of animals.

Forestry is the science of maintaining our forests and habitats in a stable and long-lasting condition for both wildlife and people. It is an ancient art that is as important today as ever with increased competition from man kind for resources and space. Set up in 1971, World Forestry Day is celebrated right across the world by many different countries.

We still rely heavily on forests around the World for food, water and resources.To find out more information about World Forestry Day, what forestry entails and how you can help, click here. You can also find lots of video seminars on aspects of forestry in the Healthy Forests Forum videos here.



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