World Sparrow Day 2013!

by Russ on March 20, 2013

Once a common bird, the House Sparrow is now much rarer for unknown reasons.The House Sparrow is a small brown bird that many people recognise from their childhood. It has had a long relationship with humans, nesting, feeding and living alongside us for generations. But in recent times this iconic bird has fallen into decline. It’s difficult to believe that this once common bird is struggling, but right across it’s natural range sparrow numbers are dropping.


Celebrate World Sparrow Day to help save the species and find out why it's disappearing.The reasons for this are unclear and may be many. Loss of habitat and competition for food are just two likely causes of the decline. The House Sparrow is not the only bird in trouble, right across the globe there are other sparrows and birds that are also vanishing.

Male House Sparrows can be recognised by a white belly, brown back and striking black mask and white cheeks.To raise awareness of the plight of sparrows and other urban birds, World Sparrow Day was launched on the 20th of March 2010 and has been celebrated every year since. You can get involved today and all year long by keeping and eye out and reporting any sightings of these charming little birds. Visit the World Sparrow Day website to find out how you can help.

World Sparrow Day!

How to contribute to Sparrow Conservation!

 By recording any sightings of House Sparrows, you will be directly helping in the research and conservation of this well known species.

Video by Gradimir Jovtchev.

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